Create A New Future with Probiotics

Welcome to a New Day

Our Mission

Our company has launched its new company name and website for PROBIOTIC CLEANING PRODUCTS. Our Mission:

Helping Canadians improve indoor air quality with the power of probiotics!

Many of you have become familiar with us on our journey to provide these probiotic products to Canadians in the past when we were buying our products from Airbiotics USA; a private label, but has since gone out of business. We never lost our passion over the effectiveness of these soil-based probiotics and turned to the original manufacturer PureBiotics®. Like us, people care about the environment and want to move away from cleaners formulated with harmful chemicals and ingredients. Probiotics are natural and kind to people, pets and the environment. Probiotics are a dream to use!

How Probiotics Work

When these friendly, soil-based bacteria are deployed onto surfaces and into the air, they out-compete "harmful bacteria" for food sources. Once harmful bacteria starve and die, the probiotics consume dead materials, allergens, contaminants and biofilm (see our FAQ for the definition of biofilm). So, while you are away at work, these probiotics are hard at work and active for 3-5 days!

Proper cleaning schedules and habits are essential for maintaining a healthy microflora in an indoor environment, and the addition of probiotics contribute substantially to a sound cleaning program. Once people begin to use probiotics, they report a notable difference in their indoor air quality. There are so many testimonials from happy customers reporting the elimination of offensive or stale odors; rather a neutral and fresh air quality.

Problem with Conventional Cleaners, Natural Cleaners and Essential Oils

With conventional cleaners and air fresheners, it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, mask and eye protection. That's because there are chemicals and harmful additives in many of these formulations. We often have people asking us about "natural cleaners" cleaners, such as vinegar, salt or lemon. The problem with many of these cleaning ingredients is that they can be just as destructive to delicate materials, such as granite and marble. For example, the acid in vinegar breaks down rubber seals, as well as producing a smell that is not very nice. Even a variety of essential oils kill both the good and the bad bacteria.

All You Can Eat Buffet

In the case of chemicals, natural, essential oils, silver and ozone, the premise behind using them is to kill all the bacteria. However, this is counter productive because when you kill all the bacteria, you leave your indoor space even more vulnerable, turning "cleaned" surfaces into an "all you can eat buffet" food source for even more harmful bacteria to come in from all sorts of nooks and crannies, from underneath protective biofilm, and flying in from the air!

What's worse is that when you kill bacteria, you contribute to the formation of even more biofilm! Biofilm is a safe haven for harmful bacteria, but it also dulls surfaces, making it look just awful! The more you scrub with chemical cleaners...the more biofilm!


Stain, Etching or Discolouration of Precious Materials

Some of these conventional, green and "natural" cleaners ruin special-care finishes, such as granite, marble and wood. The porous nature of these fine materials is where things like alcohol, oil, wax or chalky things occupy the area and ruin the look and feel of your most prized finishes.


Safe, Hypo-Allergenic and Easy to Use

Our probiotics are hypo-allergenic and safe to use around people, pets and the planet. Once you try them you won't want to go back to what you were using in the past. With probiotics, you will be able to look at your freshly cleaned indoor space, take in a deep breath, and notice your indoor space smells fresh and marvel at your clean counters, floors, stainless steel fridge, etc. And then you can go off to enjoy an afternoon lying in the sun, because these probiotics will continue to be hard at work for 3-5 days until your next spray of some more probiotics!