Probiotic Mist versus Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner

What is the Difference Between the Mist and the All Purpose Cleaner?

We get a lot of questions about the difference between the Mist and the All Purpose Cleaner. I have to admit, when I first started using these probiotic products I wondered the same thing. “After all”, I thought, “both have probiotics in their formulations, both are gentle on surfaces? So, why not just use the All Purpose Cleaner”? Well, after about two years of my own research, talking with the manufacturer and personally using these products on a daily basis, I am very confident in answering this question, and we developed handy "How to Use" brochures on our "Resources/How To Use" page. 



Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of both of these probiotic products; the Mist and the All Purpose Cleaner. What has surprised me is just how often during the day I gravitate towards the use of the Probiotic Mist. It is probably my "#1 GO-TO PRODUCT" due to its effectiveness and numerous applications in a convenient spray bottle. In the morning, one of the first things that I do after I wake up is to spray the bedding. This goes a long way to mitigate the effects from dust mites that EVERYONE has in their home.

As I mentioned, throughout the day, I have many reasons to use the Mist around the house or "on-the-go". Part of my daily routine is to straighten the throws and pillows on my couch, so I just give them a little spray with the Mist and it freshens things up a bit.

When I grab my coat from the closet, I often give the jackets a bit of a spray. In fact, you can spray the insides of your shoes if you have some time. It's so much more effective than using alcohols or shoe sprays sold in stores.

For any odours that emanate from garbage cans, you can also spray inside until you have some time to change out the bag. And speaking of bags...vacuum bags and filters are really good items to spray because they harbour bacteria and dust mites. But let's move on and talk about travel!  

Probiotic Mist on Public Transportation

"Go-To" Travel Spray for Hands and Public Transportation Surfaces

I never leave home without the Probiotic Travel Spray. This is because if I am boarding a train, plane, bus, cab, or any form of public transporation, I can shake up the bottle, pump 2-3 sprays onto my hands, rub my hands together, and know that there are active and protective bacteria on my skin to protect me (even through a few hand washings)! The concentrate is very powerful!

And when I visit the food court, I just spray the table 2-3 times before I sit down to eat my sandwich. This is especially helpful using the tray tables in an airplane that typically have a tremendous number of unfriendly bacteria. As reported in USA Today, there are 5 Health Myths about Germs on Aircraft. You can also view the USA Today Video on the article. The CBC also published this article in 2018, "What's the Dirtiest Surface on an Airplane? The Result May Surprise You." WestJet published a response in this WestJet article, so the good news is that awareness is building, but you can always take some precautions whenever you board public transport.


Probiotics Can Be Used on Pets


 Use Probiotic Mist on Your Pet and Surroundings

That's right! The Probiotic Mist is safe to use on your pets! The Mist is an incredible tool to deodorize and clean their fur. These probiotics are effective in the reduction of the number of "not-so-friendly" bacteria on their toys, leashes, dog houses, blankets, carpets, furniture and beds. A few sprays of the Mist unleashes billions of beneficial bacteria that actively clean for up to 3 days!


What about deep cleaning surfaces where pets frequent? The All Purpose Cleaner is an "All-Star", especially if you have a sick pet in the home that has made any messes. You don't want them to mess up and return to the scene of the crime only to do it all over again! The formulation of probiotics in the All Purpose Cleaner ensures that the mess is truly gone and that there are no lingering odours! Remember, a dog's nose is extremely powerful. You will be amazed when your little fur friend doesn't even notice where he made his mess earlier in the day before you cleaned it with the All Purpose Cleaner!



You need to deep clean your indoor environment on a regular basis. (See our Daily and Weekly Cleaning Checklists). This means physically removing dirt, grease and grime off surfaces! You will have to get in there and use a cloth, a mop and other physical means to lift these contaminants. The best cleaner for the job is the Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner and it is formulated differently than the Mist. It still has the patented and stabilized probiotics as the active ingredient, however, the all-natural and hypoallergenic formulation is specifically designed so that the grease, grime and bio-film-busting can occur (enzymes and surfectants). All of the ingredients are natural and hypoallergenic. This is a tough cleaner, but with such a gentle touch. You can be sure of effectiveness, and at the same time, you can use it on exquisite and treasured materials. We always suggest testing on a small inconspicuous spot first, just as you would with anything else!


There are so many ways to use the Probiotic Mist and the All Purpose Cleaner. But don't just take our word for it! Spend some time navigating our website to read the Testimonials, or view our page of compiled Videos from around the world of the many people who took the time to demonstrate the effectiveness of probiotics to improve indoor air quality and surfaces. It is inspirational to see so many successful applications of probiotics.