Pack the Probiotic Mist When You Travel

Probiotic Mist is My Travel Essential


Probiotic Mist is definitely a travel-staple wherever I go for a number of reasons. When you consider that airplane seat belts, headrests and tray tables actually have been found to harbour more bacteria than toilet seats, it gives a person something serious to ponder. How about "Yuck"! For one thing, how in the world would you clean a seat belt or headrest? It is rather difficult, especially when you don't have much time to board and get settled into your seat. And also consider that the air in the cabin is re-circulated. Not much you can do on that issue either! And, what about handrails on public transit where thousands of people are touching surfaces moment to moment? The thought of it all can be a bit overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be. It isn't for me, anyway.

It is my practical experience, reading the studies and learning the science on probiotics that I have a strategy for traveling. Then I relax and look forward to all the joy and excitement a new adventure is supposed to offer! I know how to pack and I make sure I carry my travel-sized bottle of Probiotic Mist in my pocket or purse and bring it wherever I go. Over the course of my journey to my destination, I give my hands a few sprays here and there, a few times a day! I even spray my clothes and my hair. I spray the overhead vents in the airplane, the tray table, the seat belts, the headrests, too. And, I don't care what anyone thinks. They are probably a bit curious and wish they were doing the same thing. In fact, here is a short anecdote to share.

A Real Story About Someone Wishing They Were Me

The heading is a little bit tongue in cheek, but it really happened. I was finishing up going through security and we all had to take our shoes off in the line up. The floors were noticeably dirty and people were curling up their toes or going tip toe just to keep as much of their socks off the carpet as possible. I was gathering up all my stuff from the stainless steel tables and retrieved my travel spray bottle of Probiotics to give the bottom of my socks a spray, as well as the inside of my shoes. A lady next to me commented aloud to her friend that she wished she had been as smart to bring something along to spray in her shoes! True story!


Gone are the days of over-washing my hands or carrying around disinfectants, alcohol, or hand sanitizers!

When you look into the way the probiotics work, you quickly realize they have far more potential to be effective than those chemical hand sanitizers out there on the market. In fact, once you start using the probiotic spray and learn more about how these friendly little bacteria work, you won't use anything else! I can tell you that for me, I will never use disinfectants or hand sanitizers. I view them as very bad for me and the environment and I avoid them like the plague! Forgive the pun!


Why are Hand Sanitizers, Chemicals and Disinfectants Such a Problem?

It is because they kill everything! These substances kill ALL the bacteria and you very much need a lot of the bacteria for a healthy microbiome on your skin for protection. Stripping everything away with chemicals, leaves skin vulnerable to pathogens that fly in from the air or from wherever they are lurking.


Look...You Need Bacteria! Let's Recap How Topical Probiotics Work.

You have all kinds of bacteria on your skin and a lot of it is really good for you! You NEED your good bacteria and you should definitely not be killing it with alcohols, disinfectants or chemical hand sanitizers! The good bacteria on your skin should be allowed to thrive as part of your healthy microbiome for protection.

Your bacteria also produces important acids on your skin. You know what happens when something comes in contact with acid? It destroys it! So, you already have some built-in protection from your own bacteria that produces acids! Let those natural acids do the work to stop pathogens in their tracks. Harmful chemicals strip off naturally occurring acids from your delicate skin. A healthy microbiome is one that has all kinds of bacteria, but they are in balance. When friendly, healthy bacteria are numerous and occupy many spaces, the pathogens are outnumbered and rendered more helpless to take over and wreak havoc. Friendly bacteria are happily out-competing pathogens for food and the problematic bacteria starve and die off. The probiotics then consume the dead bacteria. When things are in balance, your skin feels soft, has the proper moisture and is protected.


Over-washing Your Hands? You Might Be Drying Out Your Skin and Making it More Vulnerable!

Washing your hands is good, but we are talking about the problems associated with over-washing them and stripping the invaluable protective barrier you really need! That barrier is made up of all kinds of bacteria and naturally occurring acids that keep nasty pathogens from taking hold and wreaking havoc on your immune system! Plus, over-washing causes your skin to lose moisture and you might even start to develop cracks in your skin which can potentially become a gateway for pathogens to slip by and enter your bloodstream. Of course, if your immunity is compromised, this can be an issue.


Help Achieve More Balance with a Few Sprays of Probiotics

The key is in maintaining a healthy microbial balance. A little help is available with a few sprays of Probiotic Mist. You can increase the number of friendly bacteria active on your skin and surfaces by spraying these powerful soil-based topical probiotics that are in a concentrate. Once unleashed into the air and on surfaces, the friendly bacteria have the potential to last for 3-5 days. The key is to maintain favourable conditions, spraying the air and surfaces often to achieve a dominating, friendly, probiotic culture. The probiotics even last between hand washings, but I still like to reapply them after I wash my hands.


I often get asked, "What probiotics do I pack in my carry on and/or checked baggage when I travel?" I won't travel without them. It is a tiring process to board a plane, for example. Your resistance is lowered and the plane cabin has re-circulating, dry air. And, you don't usually get much rest. I have traveled so many times with my bottle of probiotics and I know how to pack them in my luggage.

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the Country of Travel restrictions which you can look up on the web. For example, air traveling within Canada, I refer to this government of Canada site:

In general, if you go through security, the threshold is: "Any liquids, gels and aerosols in containers larger than 100 ml / 100 grams (3.4 oz) should be placed in checked baggage, as long as they are not prohibited items".

Probiotics are not prohibited items. Probiotics are perfectly fine to bring along when traveling. I myself, carry 1-2 travel-size bottles of Probiotic Mist in my pocket or purse. When I get to the airport screening area, I place the bottles in one of the clear see-through bags they provide that are for the purpose of going through security. 

In transit to get to my destination, I only need to carry the Probiotic Mist. The other probiotic products go in my checked luggage. For example, I don’t need the All Purpose Cleaner until I reach my destination. This is because I  am not going to encounter big cleaning jobs while on the bus or the plane. The Probiotic Mist is good enough to spray tray tables, clean my eyeglasses, spray on seat belts, etc. It can handle light cleaning jobs.

I pack the All Purpose Cleaning supplies in my checked baggage. I do this because I like to have it in my hotel room in case I want to freshen up the bathroom counters, or because I might make some messes of my own. I pack a bigger supply of Mist and All Purpose Cleaner concentrates in my checked luggage. I usually pack the following in my luggage:

  • 8oz. bottle of Probiotic Mist Concentrate
    • I refill my Travel-size bottles with the Concentrated Mist!
  • 8 oz. bottle of Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner or a couple of the 5-mL Tubes of All Purpose Cleaner
  • 16 oz. Refillable Bottle (Empty)
  • 2 microfibre cloths

Probiotics are Biosafety Level 1 Classification

The thing to note is that these probiotics are soil-based. The StaBioticTM  is a proprietary blend of probiotics, more specifically Bacillus strain that are stabilized in a spore form in a concentrated solution. These bacteria have a biosafety level 1 classification. They are classified this way because they are harmless organisms.

Probiotics are good for the environment. I cringe whenever I think about how often disinfectants and chemicals get washed away down the sink into the waterways. Poor fish! Probiotics are really amazing because they are odour free, eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-GMO, non-abrasive, non-volatile, non-flammable, no phosphates, no ammonia, no SLS, no chlorine, no bleach, no triclosan, and Cruelty Free.

Now That You Know What to Do, Have Fun!

Enjoy your travels. Learn as much as you can to best prepare for your journey. You want to have an awesome time, and the best way is to educate yourself and then have some fun!


DISCLAIMER: There are many factors that will determine whether or not a person catches a cold, flu or virus, etc. For example, people with a weakened or compromised immune system may be more susceptible and should take necessary precautions. Please do your own research to determine what precautions you need to take in your life.