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All Purpose Cleaner Kit

Multi-surface cleaner, that’s tough enough to clean any surface and safe to use around kids and pets. Works miracles on kitchen spills, grease and grime, bathrooms, floors, windows and just about anything someone can get dirty. Leaves any surface simply feeling fresh and clean.

We’re including everything you’ll need in this one kit to make the change, and start cleaning your home with the all-natural power of probiotics. You’ll just wonder what took you so long!


  • 8 oz. All-Purpose Cleaner (Concentrate makes 44-16 oz. bottles)
  • 16 oz. reusable spray bottle (Tough, Durable and BPA-Free)
  • 1 microfibre cloth (reusable, washable, lint-free, and amazing!)


Mist - Home, Linen and Pet

Use the Mist after you clean your home with the All Purpose Cleaner. It is a versatile and powerful probiotic concentrate and has many applications. Download the How To Use - Mist for instructions on the various dilutions that are possible. (The PureBiotic Mist in the document is the exact same product as the Airbiotics Mist).

The mist is also safe to use on pet fur and it does an incredible job deodorizing and reducing pet dander around the home. Furthermore, dust mites are a problem for both humans and pets, and can trigger allergic reactions. The probiotics are an effective way to mitigate against these negative effects.


All Purpose Cleaner vs. Mist

We get a few questions on how to use these products. We have a good brochure to help you understand the difference. Probiotic Cleaner vs. Mist

To achieve a clean home, it is wise to develop and stick to a regular cleaning schedule. There are many variations to suit our individual lifestyles and there are many people doing a good job on YouTube or writing books on the subject. The Mist is used after you clean with the All Purpose Cleaner; basically in-between regular cleanings. The All Purpose Cleaner is good at getting dirt, grease and grime, so it is necessary for a thorough cleaning of toilets, floors, walls, and so on. The Mist is fantastic for dusting, linens, pillows, mattresses, on your hands, on pet's fur and toys, and a whole lot more!

Visit our Resources/Instruction page on our website to see some Cleaning Checklists. You can follow them or start making your own versions to better suit your lifestyle.