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Stabiotic Mist™

Nobody “likes” to dust, but now it’s ok to put it off just a little longer and feel good about it. Home Spray is an all-natural, probiotic powered, fabric and air freshener. Have a bottle of the mist in your hand while you dust. It works exceptionally well and the effects last for 3-5 days at the microscopic level. Spray and wipe off the dust, or spray the air to freshen things up, or spray that trash can that smells, etc... You can even spray your dog's fur and groom! (see the No Bath Spray because it is on for a good deal right now and it is the exact same product).

Probiotics are nature’s balancing act. Spraying in-between, and after dusting or cleaning will help freshen fabrics, protect your home against allergens such as dust mites and pet dander, help control odors, and leave the air truly fresh and clean.

No masking or covering up smells with some other smell. No harsh chemicals or artificial scents.

Use on bedding, furnishings, and all types of fabrics, linens, clothes, and upholstery. 
Spray in every room to freshen the air.

What else can you use Home Spray on?
Mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, duvets, sofas, chairs, carpets, curtains, drapes, shades, flags, decorations, furry toys, stuffed animals, sweaters, jackets, shoes, gym bags, luggage, air conditioning/heating filters and any fabric item.

Where should you use Home Spray?
Closets, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, carpeted stairs, play rooms, offices, air vents and anywhere that needs a refresh. Everything you spray stays fresher and protected for up to 3-5 days after each use. With Home Spray you can enjoy a breath of fresh air!

Video: How to Use Stabiotic Mist™

Travel Uses

This is a necessity for when you board a bus or a plane. Spray it on your food court table before you eat you sandwich! And when you get to your hotel, spray your pillows because they have dust mites!


How to Use the Probiotic Mist


The solution inside the bottle is a concentrate and incredibly powerful (a little goes a long way) and can be sprayed “as is”, which is very convenient. However, it can be used more economically without compromising effectiveness, by following the dilution rates in the charts below. If you have a higher degree of contamination to address, or if you are using it for the first few times, increase the concentration. Don’t forget to shake it well before use. Once diluted, the mixture is good for 5 days. Unused portions need to be discarded and can be poured down the drain, which deodorizes and is safe for the water system.


General Everyday Light Cleaning

Mist Concentrate

Water (Lukewarm, not hot)

1 part

100 parts

For example: add 10mL of concentrate to 1L of water. Shake well before use.


Normally Soiled Areas

Mist Concentrate

Water (Lukewarm, not hot)

1 part

50 parts

Fog or spray areas with diluted mixture once every three days for optimal effect.

For example: add 10mL of concentrate to 500mL (1/2L) of water. Shake well before use.


Extreme and Heavily Contaminated Areas with a High Degree of Problems to be Controlled (e.g., Animal or Poultry Barn)

Mist Concentrate

Water (Lukewarm, not hot)

2 parts

1 part

Fog or spray problem areas daily or at least once every three days. Once the probiotic culture has been built up and the area is stabilized, it can be maintained by treating with fog or spray every three days.

For example: add 500mL of concentrate to 250mL of water. Shake well before use.


For Air Conditioning Systems

  1. Turn off the A/C
  2. Fog into vents
  3. Remove the filter
  4. Turn on the fan on the A/C unit without the cooling or heat (Note: you can also fog with the A/C on cool if needed, but not on heat)
  5. Fog into air return opening for 3-5 minutes at least once a month when changing your filter.
  6. For people with Asthma and other respiratory problems, or in warm areas, fog your A/C at least once a week, or more. Ideally, every three days for all applications will give you optimum results.

Downloadable PDF - How to Use the Probiotic Mist